• Image of Tetra-Fet Drive
  • Image of Tetra-Fet Drive

The Tetra-Fet Drive is a Unique 100% Hand-wired Discreet Class A Design that uses Hand Selected High Quality Low Noise FETs!! This design was something Gary (Overtones Works) and I talked about for a while to continue the path our Annex Bass Channel has created..pedals that sound and respond like amps...Tube Amps.

Once the first Tetra-Fet proto was completed the comparison, shootouts, and personal opinions began. We were committed to Gary's initial intention: a pedal that allows players that don't have time to alter their sound via a device when switching between rhythm and lead while performing, so we set out to create a tool a variety of players could count on. With numerous EQ revisions and elaborate testing to meet a multitude of requirements/demands for this application we finally had grins...especially after the "Shift" switch was added (for those of us who like to move some serious air).

With an intuitive and familiar EQ layout players will find it easy to dial in and refine the sound they can only hear in their heads. The Tetra-Fet can cure an anemic amp with ease, provide vibrant
Tone to a dull amp or guitar, as well as create the full and thick sound that grips your cab's or combo's speakers!

The EQ design provides an exciting deep tonal array of options making it an elixir for players that feel stuck, limited, or find themselves treading over the same sonic spaces time and time again. The thick full body Lows, the detailed tone shaping capabilities of the Mids, and the vibrant smooth full sound of the Highs have transformed combos and stacks countless times surpassing the capabilities of numerous amps preamp sections and players expectations.

Further shaping can be achieved with the "Shift" switch bringing the Thunder when in the up position, or tighten your tone for shredding in the down position.

At any level of Gain whether the Tetra-Fet is set to slight breakup or Insane high gain it's character is revealing of not only the instrument being used but the players style and technique. There is no tonal haze, cloudy or interference compromising your signal just a responsive tube amp tone rendering and feel via the Class A Design! The Tetra-Fet provides fantastic low noise performance, even at High Gain, which is great for Rich harmonic sustain without awkward signal drops or overpowering volume swells of noise.

Extensive tests where done with the Tetra-Fet plugging it directly into the FX Loop Return of some of the most popular tube amps available, test after test revealed that the tube preamps (some with NOS preamp tubes) could not compete with the depth, low noise, gain, and huge sound the Tetra-Fet was providing in place of those amp's preamp sections. Yes..we were shocked and thrilled!

The Tetra-Fet is a true testimony to the unparalleled sonic quality of pure audio paths, hand wired traces, high quality components, and a relentless commitment to true Full Range and Versatility!!

- Unique Discreet Class A Design
- True Bypass
- Hand-wired Point to Point Build using High Quality Components
- Powerful and Musical 3 Band EQ
- "Shift" switch allows players to have Extended Range (up position), or a musical HPF (down position)
- Versatile Gain from very low to extremely high with no loss of body or tone
- Low Noise
- Handmade in the USA

***Please contact [email protected] for non-U.S. sales***