The Dual Range Boost was designed by Gary Phillips of Overtone Works in collaboration with Jonathan Nuñez to increase detail, depth, and clean signal level via a pure audio path. Once those goals were achieved the design was taken further to provide a harmonically rich sounding low noise circuit that would serve as a clean boost, with switchable frequency options ranging from thick to tight while expanding the tone of any instrument/source on either setting.

This unique Class A Discreet bi-FET design produces up to +30dB of gain while bringing out the natural tone of any instrument or source. It's effect on various applications has been described as an inflator, tone expander, instantly providing a much richer and fuller sound, embellishing the tone of instruments going through it, opening up amps sonic capabilities, and as a straight up ripper!

The "Full" position on the Dual Range Boost provides a flat 20hz to 20K boost increasing your signal, adding a clear and detailed depth, providing vibrant sustain, and producing thick tone while remaining true to the source's natural sound.

The "HPF" position on the Dual Range Boost provides all the benefits of the "Full" mode while introducing a musical low frequency roll off. The musical yet effective roll off begins at 400hz (6 db per octave) giving the source additional punch and clarity, which is a great setting for solos, leads, or any passages you'd like to bring forward in the mix. This can be a great tool for further dialing in your sound!

Engaging the "Full" or "HPF" setting on the Dual Range Boost will expand the richness and fullness of your sound while opening up the tone of any amp, instrument, and playing style at the flip of a switch. These two effective settings can assist any player looking to introduce dynamics as well as a high grade tone sculpting tool while conserving pedal board space.

All products are handmade in the USA with high grade components and materials.

Special Features:

- Great Boost for Rhythm or Leads (Guitar, Bass, Synths, and more)

- Class A Discreet bi_FET Design

- True Bypass

- + 30 db of gain

- Hi impedance input (1 megohm typical), and low output impedance output for high stability and lowest noise capability.

- Maximum clean output up to 2.2Vrms or +6dBv

- Flat Boost from 20hz to 20K in "Full" position

- Low Frequency roll off which begins at 400hz (6 db per octave) in "HPF" position

- Handmade in the USA

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