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The ANNEX MKII 130 Watt Quad Voice Dual Channel Tube Head brings versatility and sonic possibilities to a new level. The Annex Line was developed by Jonathan Nuñez and Gary Phillips of Overtone Works using a new approach in design. The mil spec point-to-point construction, unique design, as well as the highest quality components are all key in achieving true extended range and tone sculpting possibilities not available until now. The ANNEX MKII offers simple, straightforward, and intuitive controls along with a wide range of sounds, perfect for plug-and-play simplicity or in-depth sonic tweaking.

The ANNEX MKII is a 2 channel design where both channels can provide their own unique flavors of pristine cleans, clean with breakup, overdrive, punchy distortion, and high gain along with independent boosts per channel. You can dial back the amp and achieve a wide range of laid back and vintage tones, push the amp into new and modern territories, or merge the two channels to create something new altogether. An ideal amp for any style/genre no matter how extreme or particular the targeted tone/sound might be.

The ANNEX provides a unique low end depth along with the most powerful and musical equalization available. The 6-position Voice switch shapes the signal’s low-end before hitting the preamp section, allowing you to thicken up or tighten up your sound depending on your guitar and pedal layout. Each EQ knob in both channels is a push-pull pot that allows you to get full-range (out) or a tightened-up sound (in) for each frequency, giving freedom for all players to achieve their desired sounds whether extended, tight, or hybrid. You’ll be able to dial in clarity whether on stage or in the studio, while never having to sacrifice your tone or disrupting your band’s balance.

The "Range" control adds a top end detailed air with a silk lush quality to both channels which is fed into the power section. This control along with the rest of the EQ stage was designed to close the gap between what you get out of your amp and a completed record sound.

The ultra-transparent effects loops can be set to Series or Parallel. Series sends the entire signal through the effects loop, while Parallel lets you blend your dry and wet signals using an independent Return knob. The effect loops can be configured in different ways: 1 loop for both channels or loop 1 and 2 separately for each channel for your favorite pedals and effects. Selectable Hi: +4 / Low: -12 nominal sends and high impedance return levels make it extremely easy to use pedals or studio rack pieces.

Annex Amplifier Head Features/Specs:

- Versatile 130-watt, 2-channel all-tube amplifier with 7 combinations of sounds easily achieved via included footswitch

- 6 position Voice switch serves as a tone and focusing tool prior to the amp's preamp sections allowing you to tweak your tone to perfection

- Dial in your sound with channel-independent EQs featuring pull pots for tighter range (per EQ band), and a master Presence to add air/top to both channels

- 3 pot gain structure in each channel allows gain stacking capabilities on each channel for toggling between modern and vintage tones as well as exact amounts of drive/gain

- 2 Channels with distinct tones:

Channel 1: Musically forward and open mids with a classic midrange punch and tightness providing a unique fidelity

Channel 2: Provides a musical extension in the lower mids with a 3 dimensional warmth maintaining all detail and clarity

- Channel Merging option allows playing through both channels at once. Both channels’ boost options snd EQ’s can be used independently when amp channels are merged.

*Channel select options: channel 1, channel 1 w/ boost, channel 2, channel 2 w/ boost, and channel 1 and channel 2 with or w/o boosts

- Each channel can provide: clean with no break up, low gain, transition gain, classic gain, classic and modern high gain, to insane gain

- Each channel's switchable boost sends the channel into higher gain while maintaining excellent clarity, punch, body, and euphoric low end

- Amplifiers are Hand built and Hand wired in the U.S. with over 40 years of experience

- Point to point wiring using Turret Board design and highest grade silver wire (no PCB)

- Silver over copper mil spec teflon wire

- Milspec Epoxy mounted silver and gold plated turrets

- Amplifiers are built using premium and military grade components including high quality transformers and capacitors

- Extremely Low Noise Floor

- Switchable between 100 watts or 50 watts

- Tube Preamp consists of four 12AX7 Pre Amp Tubes

- Tube Power section consist of four EL34 Power Tubes

- Dual speaker outputs @ 4,8,16 Ohms - 2 Line-outs via 2 effect loops with level control for feeding a mixer or recording device

- Ultra-transparent parallel effects loops. Use 1 for both channels or 1 and 2 for each channel for your favorite pedals and effects. selectable Hi: +4 / Low: -12 nominal sends and high impedance return levels

- Hybrid Discrete Design

- Includes 4-button footswitch and extremely durable high grade cable

- Components by: Wilma, Analog Devices, Vishay, Bourns, Fairchild, Beldon, Switchcraft, and Mountain

Heads are a special order item and are made to order. Build time is approximately 8 to 12 weeks. Custom tolex options available.

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