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Oversized/Tall 2x12 yielding volume, depth, clarity, power, while remaining tight along with tone not heard in 2x12 cabinet format till this point. The 2x12VL provides incredible full articulate sound quality with the same solid hand built design consistent with the Larger 4x12VL Cabinet Design. The 2x12VL has consistently blown players away with the full sound it provides along with it's wide projection and ability to undoubtedly shine when compared to 4x12 cabinets. Like the 4x12VL these Cabinets are available with several speaker combinations. Feel free to send me an email to discuss which speakers would best suit your needs.

All products are handmade in the USA with high grade components and materials.

2x12VL Features:

- 100% Voidless Baltic Birch Construction 

- Large Cab Design
- 200 Watt Rating
- Closed Back Design 
- Metal Recessed Handles 
and Aluminum Jack Plates
- Special Grill Cloth 
- Precision "Finger Locked" Joints
- Switchcraft jacks.
- Non harsh clear punchy Midrange 

- Full and balanced Midrange 
- Non directional projection for big sound 
- Open top end with musical detail 
- Extended Deep Yet Tight Lows 
- Tight Sub 
- High-quality, reliable speakers 
- Handmade in USA

Cabs are a special order item and are made to order. Build time is approximately 3 to 5 weeks. Custom tolex options available.

Please contact me for other payment options.

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