"Had the privilege of playing an amp and cab I’ve been curious about for a while. Completely blown away! I never knew it was possible to have a rig be heavy, powerful, diverse and mold to each player. It’s been trial and error trying to get my guitar tone to sound like two players. The Nunez immediately gave me that tone. Full, fat, sonically dominating and definable all at the same time. Thanks to Jon for letting me rock this amp! Looking forward to playing a Nunez permanently!" 

- Shaun Dress (Horsewhip)

"Woah. This machine is on another level. From a distance it has a clean, chic, and understated look - it’s a pretty straight forward design but with attractive stealth. The dual handles on top are a must for comfortable, practical transportation. Then up close you realize this beast has a lot to offer. Upon powering up and plugging in, the Annex tone immediately grabs your senses with it’s range of depth and functionality. There really is plenty of creamy, low end richness to go around for everyone. The Annex breaths thick while full of mid range clarity. Playing this on volume 3 alone will bring out a heavy monster. If you’re looking for a loud and powerful amp, this is it. It can be dirty and ruthless with bass driven ferocity. It can also be clean and defined - still with deep warmth and tone. In addition, we were quite surprised how quiet this head is at a high volume, we would often forget the amp is powered on between breaks.

Then you realize there’s even more going on behind this box of sound. There are abundant ways to dial in your noise. Each channel offers its own boost for numerous sound possibilities. Each chicken head knob has pull pots for EQ ranges that help with desired drive adjustments for personal layers. Integrating both channels together is another world of endless combinations that make this model take off where most amps plateau. This is also equipped with effect loop options for direct and parallel looping that accompanies an independent return volume knob. 

We’ve only scratched the surface of this sonic amplifier. If you’re looking for a versatile head for all genres the Annex MKII 100w will keep you intrigued with tone, warmth, power and fun."

- Fritz Aragon (Moxie Beat)

"Shockingly robust! Breath taking might better describe the experience. Felt excited like a kid again. Luscious and thick, musical across the frequency spectrum with a profound body in lower registers. Everything I've been trying to find through multiple head and pedal combos, all at my fingertips. Reminded me why I love playing heavy riffs at unbearable (to the faint of heart) volumes. A-plus piece of gear, fully functional and delivers more than they promise! Not a paid actor, just a diy doomer!

- Gavin Perry (Holly Hunt) 

"The Annex MKII is probably the most versatile amps I've ever used. Almost any setting is instantly useable, and you're able to dial in saturation from from chill to thrill and everywhere in between"

- Ryan Haft (Wrong, Capsule) 

"This amp pushes pulverizing tones with the characteristics of classic hi gain amps, but with clarity throughout the full frequency range. The EQ is super responsive, but the amp will sound brutal no matter where it is set. Used this with only a tuner in front of it and it delivered the goods, with help of the Nuñez 412s which complemented the dynamic and tonal response of the head. Don't sleep on this monster". 

- Tim Mullaney  (Genocide Pact)  

"Nuñezamps' Annex MKII head is a strong, bold, but imminently tweakable and versatile head. I used it in San Diego alongside my standard backline rig, which the Annex stomped in terms of mid range growl, low end punch and weight. When you get all that dialed in, you can then further tweak it to bring out clarity and definition that would typically get lost under everything else. I'm Definitely going to track with this thing. Thanks Jon!!" 

- Scott Hull (Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Pig Destroyer) 

Tetra-Fet Drive Pedal:

"Much like the amp and other pedals before it, these guys hit the nail on the head with the Tetra Fet. I tried it on my Marshall, a JCM 800 that's been heavily modded over the years and has pretty killer NOS tubes in the pre- and power-amp sections. The amp's natural drive is something I already really like but using the Tetra Fet took it to a whole new level. 

The Tetra Fet sounded great going straight into the amp. But when we plugged into the return jack in the effects loop, it opened up a whole range of sounds that I didn't know my amp was even capable of producing. I suddenly had a ton more low-end depth (even though the prototype has a fixed high-pass filter) without having to crank the master volume. I got to dial in everything from a hot-rodded bluesy clean to metallic distortion. I could hear each string in every chord I played and the intuitive controls sounded great even on completely randomized settings. Some settings even approached fuzz territory; a thick yet not-too-squashed drive that made single-note leads sound enormous and punchy.

The biggest highlight was when I rolled back the volume knob on the guitar. I was able to get a beautiful sparkling clean sound that I'd been chasing for years. Just like the distortion, the pedal produced a very full and round sound with a ton of definition yet without any harshness or spike in the upper mids. 

Long story short, this is already the best drive pedal I've ever played and it's still not even out of the R&D phase. If the prototype can blow the roof off a heavily modded amp, I can only imagine what this thing will be able to do when it's in its final form."

Peter Allen (Through Sand)

"I used the Tetra-Fet for the first time in a live setting and WOW is that thing versatile. For a drive pedal, this puppy has loads of gain on tap. A throaty, clear, and beautifully rich gain at that. 

I happened to be using it to replace a ts808 for the none-to-little gain/dimed out level trick and found that the bass, mid, and treble knobs were clutch. They allow tons of sound and tone shaping capabilities, and the Tetra-Fet also played nice with my gear instantly.

Due to the nature of what I play, I need to maintain a bit of the clean/twangy sound in my dirty tones and the Tetra-Fet Drive made my life easier. I could easily sweep out mud and bring out grit and attack without introducing harsh or distasteful frequencies. Because of the quality of its construction, I felt a noticeable improvement in the conversation between finger and speaker.

Bottom line is this: With minimal time to play around with it, I got a tone similar to, if not outright better than, what I have spent years meticulously crafting with many more options and tweaks at my finger tips. I definitely need one in my life." - Iggy (Tambien)

Dual Range Boost:

"After 30 years of playing guitar and having performed in bands of different genres such as Against All Authority, Cavity, and The Crumbs I have finally found a Boost Pedal that will always be on my pedal board! It doesn't matter what style of Music you’re into. The Dual Range Boost will take what you think is an awesome guitar tone into an explosion of sound that you not only can hear, but can also feel in your picking dynamics. To me this is an always on pedal on the “Full” mode. Imagine an increase in your Bass response that you can feel in your chest without getting muddy or lost in the mix. Takes your Treble signal and thickens it into a focused sonic attack that will cut through during a live stage performance. The “High Pass Filter” is excellent for making your Lead guitar solos loud and clear, but what makes this stand apart from other Boost Pedals is that the Dual Range Boost makes your tone sound better. In fact I would describe this as a “Better Pedal” not a “Boost Pedal." 

- Joe Koontz (MC1, Beat Obsolete)

"The same evening I was using the Tetra-Fet Drive, I got to run the Dual-Range Boost through my FX Loop for leads and such. To that end, I used the HPF setting, but I can definitely see situations where the low end Oomph of the full mode will come in handy--in front of the amp for gnarly riffage AND through the loop for sound design and wonky ideas." 

Not much to say but DAMN!! The clarity of tone and intuitiveness of dialing in the perfect level is better than just about every boost pedal I've tried, let alone at this price point. No muss, no fuss; bigger, louder, clearer, easier." 

- Iggy (Tambien)


it's awesome. It's loud. It will make an amp scream." - Andrew Seward (Against Me!)

"The Annex Bass Channel isn’t for the person who’s overly sentimental about the pedals on their board— once you’ve heard the dirty warmth of the ON tone paired with the harmonically rich grind of the LOUD channel, you’ll most likely do what I did and sell 90% of your pedalboard. Not to say that the Annex doesn’t play well with others.. it pairs wonderfully with the few choice drive and preamp pedals I still own. I’ve kept my board rather carefully curated, and the Annex sits right at the top."

- Eric Burroughs (Richmond, VA)

"The Annex Bass Channel is insane brotha! It has everything I’ve been searching for plus more. No need to look for a overdrive, fuzz, or distortion pedal ever again! It’s really an amp in a box for me. If you have an amp that has your desired wattage this is all you need. Just dial in your tone with the pedal and you’re good to go! It saves real estate on my pedal board with the boost option. Initially I thought I’d rock the boost on at all times but when I took it to practice I only used it for our most brutal and heaviest material. Which is great! The pedal itself has an insane amount of low end to play with even with the boost on. Being able to transition between the two tones is super convenient and really saves a lot of money. Previously I was using two pedals to achieve what the the Annex Drive has to offer with just the bypass on. Now I can push it even further with the boost if needed. 

Being that it's exclusively designed as a bass pedal is awesome and straight to the point. Bass players don’t get enough love. If anyone asked me what pedal to get I would suggest the Annex Bass Channel. It’s super versatile obtaining tones all across the board on the bass player spectrum. You can go classic achieving super warm Motown tones or get nasty and brutal. Its like an SVT in a box. With that being said this pedal can take abuse. In my opinion what puts the Annex Bass Channel to the test is playing in the arena of heavy music. This is perfect for the heaviest of players. I’ve gone through my share of searching for pedals and the growing pains that come along with it. What I like is that it doesn’t get muddy and tracks great. My tone stays fat, overdriven, and has killer sustain. Also, Its super easy to dial in and not too touchy.  I seriously wanna start a grindcore band just to show this thing off! Click boost on and you can get the best sludge/doom bass tone out there. This is the pedal that can push those limits and can handle it with no problem. It sounds massive! It's ideal for a touring because its built like a fucking tank and a perfect size." 

- Brent Aragon (Moxie Beat) 

"Oh shit yea. I did a tour last week with it, It rules! I ended up just boosting the mids and treble and had the loud on. It's Titanic sounding! Was dropping it during huge moments, and chunking 8th notes. It's on the pedalboard and it ain't moving!"

- Tim Lefebvre (Davie Bowie, Empire Of The Sun, Who Hi-Hat Is This) 

"This thing dominates. Never been able to push as much deep low end using other pedals. Especially through the 415s, It still maintains plenty of punch with totally uncompromised lows. Still stumbling onto settings I dig and looking forward to finding more ways this thing can rip through the mix. Wouldn't be a Nuñez without those beef-flappin lows. Thanks for gettin this to me in time for the tour!!" 

- Mal Okul (Genocide Pact)

"I've been using it all over the new Næutilus record! Seriously this thing has been a gift from the Old Gods. Everything I pass through it becomes imbued with tremenius might. 

Lows become thunderous and clear, mids growl and grind regardless of the pickup configuration or fuzz.  That range control has some sort of arcane magic - brings back the string detail without having to resort to compression. It's simplified my chain and really made my bass tracks stand apart. I've found it to be unbelievably flexible. The focus switches are extremely useful as a tool to fuse instruments to amplifiers and to bring out different cab resonances or frequency responses. 

Don't even get me started about in a band setting. It's just monstrous. Immediately carved out a spectral pocket and I didn't have to crank the mids to be heard. Any guitar clashes were easy to pull out without any tonal compromise. Absolutely love it man. Essential."

- Bryan Kilgore (Naeutilus)

“The Annex Bass Channel is a truly unique and powerful preamp pedal. It can go from a pushed bassman tone to a vintage SVT sound all the way to full on distortion with just a little bit of tweaking. I plug it straight into a power amp and it’s all I need for my “always on” tone. A lot of popular bass preamp pedals out there sound clanky and not as warm or natural as a real tube amp. Not the case with the Annex. I don’t miss touring with a 90lb head even a little bit anymore.”

- Tyler Forsythe (Axis, Gouge Away) 

"I plugged the Nuñez Amplification Annex Bass Channel in place of a DI pedal, then immediately realized I also did not need the overdrive pedal I was using either... The room became sonically engulfed with a dynamic, full, thick, dirty and warm tone, yet definable with the Annex pedal switched on. Then it got even more brutal with the “loud” switch on, which pushed the driving bass to the edge and topped it off with room shaking resonation then into desirable feedback.

I’m not exactly sure what each knob or switch is for, but after messing with them, I found a setting I can shred to and be stoked about how I sound.

I’m also no bass wizard, but with the tone this pedal emits, it will fool most people. I cannot wait to record the next HorseWhip record with it. This pedal is unreal! Easily the best investment for my tone I have made yet."

- Jeff Howe (Horsewhip)

"I love the Annex Bass Channel. It became one of my favorite pedals within the first minute of trying it out. It's loud as shit, cuts through the mix, it's super versatile, and has a heavy low end. Also, the boost switch is a great thing to have if you're into creating walls of noise. I've been looking for something like this since forever and can't wait to keep playing around with different settings."

Rubén González Juárez

"Shit, I don't really have the language haha! I just think it rips and there's no loss of low end, which is impossible to find". 

- Danny Gonzales (The Jacuzzi Boys)  

"Whats up guys! Just wanted to say that the Annex is fucking killer. Just finished tracking bass for an album I’m working on, and it’s on the whole time. I put it up against a few other pedals and not a single one could match the depth of the low end and the clarity on top. Kudos, dudes". 

Joel Coan (Recording/Mix Engineer) 

"The Annex Bass Channel is a powerfully useful and diverse pedal. I've been able to use it no matter the musical style, and has the capability to make any amp sound better. It can be used as a clean preamp to a full on in your face fuzz/overdriven tone that never loses low end! It's unique voicing allows me to shape any bass the way I want and with always more to give! The Annex Bass Channel has become apart of my sound and haven't been able to part ways since I received it! 

- Mario Gonzalez (Zephyrplex) 

"Wanted to really work with the Annex Bass Channel before I said anything. I've run it at a ton of rehearsals and 4 shows so far, I feel like I finally have it dialed in even though I can't really find a tone I don't like. This thing RIPS. I fucking love it. Been getting a lot of compliments after shows about how rad it sounds, and have been recommending it to friends. This is how I've wanted my tone to sound, but have always been struggling to get there. I replaced what was my go to pedal for a while with the Annex, and will never look back. Thanks so much man. 

- Spencer Wessels (Montclair, CA)  

Hey Jonathan I just wanted to drop you a quick note and tell you how much I love the Annex Bass Channel! As a bass player there are tons of options when it comes to dirt pedals and I've tried (and currently own) quite a few. The Annex is unlike any other dirt pedal I've owned. Nothing breaks up like the Annex does and nothing is as gnarly, especially once you kick on the boost. The boost circuit could be it's own's that good! With the distortion engaged you can get that great vintage breakup, and then when you want to melt faces you kick on the boost! This pedal so incredibly versatile. It's massive sounding and it covers a lot of ground. You never lose your fundamental lows, and it's one of the quieter dirt boxes I own.  I could go on and on, but I won't. You did an awesome job and the pedal is built to last. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to whatever you have coming next!

- Dan (Key West, FL) 

"The Annex Bass Channel is, in my opinion, the best preamp/drive pedal for bass I've ever played.  Everything I need, from clean boost to enormous gross fuzz, is all there in one box. It gives you an enormous amount of control over your tone without necessarily becoming your tone, which is especially rare for a drive pedal. Having spent a lot of time messing around with the different settings, the worst thing about it is that I've yet to find a sound I don't like, which makes it hard to pick just one sound to use.  It made every bass and amp I used sound bigger and more detailed. This is truly my "desert island" pedal: if I was ever forced to choose just one, it would be a no-brainer".  

-Peter Allen (Through Sand, Homestrech)