Nuñez Amplification was officially launched in 2017, the result of years of chasing unique and classic sounds along with extensive product development.

We offer boutique quality gear at competitive prices, made with the highest grade materials available. Our products are designed to be versatile and reliable. Every piece of gear that is shipped from our shop is designed to survive the road, shine in the studio, and exceed expectations.  

The ANNEX Series is the result of decades of experience on tour, in the studio, and in the shop making extensive modifications. The prototypes have been turning heads across the country as players find that they can easily dial in their sound using our intuitive and unique controls.

If you're more interested in finding your own tone, rather than emulating someone else's, our line of full-range amplifiers, cabinets, and pedals are the perfect tools to add to your collection. 

We welcome all enthusiasts who look to create, expand, and progress well beyond the common sound.