Artist Pricing:

We offer artist pricing for touring musicians. Feel free to contact with your band/artist info, short bio, upcoming dates, and links. 

Non U.S. Sales: 

Please contact us directly at for payment info and shipping fees.   

Customizing Orders:

We offer a variety of amp panel colors, tolex options, handles, and different pilot and LED lights. Please contact us for any inquiries you might have. 


We offer life time warranty on our products which is subject to inspection. Items must be shipped to us for inspection, once on the bench if the item's issue isn't due to improper use we'll repair and send you a shipping invoice once the repair is completed. 


We love nothing more than to make our customers feel happy and inspired, but as we're not a big corporate company there are no returns on purchased gear. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have, look up clips, and search forums if necessary before placing an order.