The ANNEX BASS CHANNEL is a preamp/drive pedal for bass designed by Jonathan Nuñez and Gary Phillips of Overtone Works that produces harmonically rich tones with a warm depth - only thought to be possible with large tube amplifier designs.

The ANNEX BASS CHANNEL produces full rich sounds no matter how clean or dirty it’s set. Whether you’re using a tube, solid state, or hybrid amplifier, the ANNEX BASS CHANNEL produces powerful, full sounds that will unlock your amp’s full potential and take your tone to new heights. In most cases, bypassing the preamp stage of an amplifier (plugging the ANNEX BASS CHANNEL directly into the amp’s Return jack on the effects loop) greatly improves the amp's sound quality. There's plenty of EQ power and reach on tap, catering to either broad or small tone sculpting increments.

The ANNEX BASS CHANNEL can be used as an always-on tone-shaping pedal, allowing you to add anywhere from a subtle to large amount of grit where necessary. The switchable LOUD setting lets you dial in a harder-edge sound that ranges from pushed clean, gritty/driven, and even distorted/fuzz tones. No matter how you decide to use it, the ANNEX BASS CHANNEL is guaranteed to introduce you to sounds you never knew could be produced in a single pedal. For the touring and professional musician, the ANNEX BASS CHANNEL can help you downsize your board significantly to give you a consistent and reliable centerpiece no matter what you’re plugging into.

All products are handmade in the USA with high grade components and materials.

Special Features:

- "Focus" allows you to set a gradual and musical low frequency roll off before the preamp stage. The up position's roll off begins at 200hz, while the down position is set to 400hz.

- "Shape" allows you to switch between two types of clipping. When set to the down position the pedal will add a bold, forward, and more aggressive midrange character. When shape is set to the up position the pedal will have a thick sound with a less forward midrange.

- "Range" picks up where Treble leaves off, yet it's a different animal altogether. this option can bring out the "new string sound" or "air" without interfering with the other EQ settings. This option can be set to satisfy a wide range of tastes providing an additional clarity and introduces what can described as additional headroom to the set tone.

- The “LOUD" switch engages the boost circuit, adding additional gain and (tasteful) volume increase (post-gain) taking the pedal further into harmonically rich distortion.

- True Bypass

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